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Post by CHRIS67 on Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:58 pm

Effective July 27, Need for Speed World is introducing a new functionality. All community members will need to have their emails verified before posting to the forums. Only users with verified email addresses will be able to make posts. This will cut down on spammers and trolls and more importantly, create a better environment for our community.

Below are the steps in the email verification process:

Log into https://www.ea.com/profile
Click on the “unverified” link beside your email
Users will be brought to their information page to follow the verification steps
Users will need to login to their email and click on the link to verify
Users will be re-directed to their profile page where a green box will confirm verification
Relog into forum to start posting

Please note: Users that registered with an email address that they no longer use should go into their account and change their email address and follow the steps outlined above. Any users that changes their email address will have to go through the verification process again.


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