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Post by LONERENEGADE on Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:27 am

I thought I would post this because hardly anyone seems to be taking part in the events of late, IE: Time Trials.

This event was created so everyone would have something they could always do in NFS World and I am sure GD spent a lot of time creating it, but it seems only a few of us have even bothered to take part in it.

I won the first event and decided not to send in the pictures for the second one to give others a chance to win, even though I could have with the times I got on main street.

Now it seems GD wants to drop this event because hardly anyone is competing in it, which I think is a shame as it could become quite a good long event always giving us something to do when were not racing each other, plus the previous events will be re opened up so anyone can have a go at beating the best scored times.

I am not saying people have to compete, but it would be nice to show some appreciation for the work GD put into creating it for us, and do some from time to time so we can get this event off the ground.

Regards Paul aka LONERENEGADE

First Event - Now Closed = http://www.wurc4it.com/t359-time-trial-week-1-7-1-11-closed

Latest Event - Not Yet Closed = http://www.wurc4it.com/t396-tt-week-2-7-10-11

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