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Time Trial Week 1 ( 7/1/11) CLOSED

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Time Trial Week 1 ( 7/1/11)  CLOSED Empty Time Trial Week 1 ( 7/1/11) CLOSED

Post by Guitardeth on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:17 am

Welcome to the very first W.U.R.C Time Trials!!

This first weeks track and car are as follows...

Track: Riverfront & Green
Car: Lotus Elise

NOTE: Please Only PM me your Screenshots of your best 2 times to start this off, there after only send in Screenshots of times beating those shown on the Leaderboard. Screenshots must be sent like in the example below, sorry but nothing else will be accepted.

EDIT: Please do not crop your images, press the Print Screen button on keyboard and the images will be saved as shown in your game chat window.

Title your PM's to Guitardeth: Example: "TT (Track name & car) week 1"
Time Trial Week 1 ( 7/1/11)  CLOSED Riverfront_green_lotus_1

Example Of Your ScreenShot Should Look Like Image Below:

Time Trial Week 1 ( 7/1/11)  CLOSED 2ylttmt

No powerups except shield and ready up.
SP mode only.
You can enter your times through out the week. as i will update the leader board as needed.

Do not send over sized pics and please don't send me a pm every time you shave a second or two off your time. I understand if it's close to the ending of the week for the track but if the week is still young just keep trying to better your times then send in your two best times.

I ask for two times in case of a tie breaker.

Entering times close 7/7/11 10:pm central time. No entries will be accepted after this.

All tracks that have been closed will be opened back up later in the month so everyone can resume beating the top times recorded on the Leaderboards. This way if you have gotten better at that track in same car, you'll have a chance to submit your better times.

If you have any questions please Talk/PM me or Paul and we will help all we can.

Now get out there and get those times coming in...

Thank You... W.U.R.C Crew Staff
Crew Leader
Crew Leader

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